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NA continues discussion on socio-economic matters

The National Assembly (NA) will continue the discussion on socio-economic and State budget performance on October 31 as part of the ongoing 8th session.

The discussion is broadcast live on national television and radio, and the NA’s channel.

During the October 30 debate, most of deputies shared the views on positive socio-economic changes across spheres in 2019 despite a range of difficulties and challenges facing the country and the world.

2019 is the second consecutive year when Vietnam is expected to fulfil and surpass all 12 targets set by the legislature, they said, adding that the macro economy has remained stable with gross domestic product (GDP) projected to grow at 6.8 percent, inflation at below 3 percent, budget overspending at 3.4 percent and unemployment rate at below 4 percent, respectively.

The legislators focused on solutions to develop a contingent of professional officials and policies to attract talents in the public sector.

They also sought ways to speed up economic transformation, rearrange administrative agencies at commune and district levels, perfect legal regulations to prevent trade fraud and improve the business environment.

The Ministers of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Science and Technology; Finance; and Planning and Investment are scheduled to join the discussion on October 31./