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My Son A10 pedestal seeks recognition as national treasure

The Treasure Evaluation Council of Quang Nam province and the Management Board of My Son World Cultural Heritage Site on August 10 approved a scientific dossier of My Son A10 pedestal at the heritage site, and agreed to submit the dossier to seek recognition of the pedestal as a national treasure.

Phan Ho, Director of the Management Board of My Son World Cultural Heritage Site, said that My Son A10 pedestal is located at tower group A of My Son temple complex in Quang Nam province’s Duy Xuyen district. It dates back to between the 9th and 10th centuries.

The 2.26m-high, 2.58m-long and 2.58m-wide pedestal is constructed from 17 stone blocks.

A set of Linga-Yoni is placed on the pedestal. The Yoni is 2.25m in length and 1.69m in width while the Linga is 55cm in diametre and 57cm in height.

The pedestal was found by Vietnamese and Indian experts during restoration work at the site in May last year.

According to local experts, My Son A10 pedestal has a unique form with the largest set of Linga-Yoni statue in Champa sculpture found so far. Besides, it is decorated with typical patterns of Dong Duong style.

The pedestal is a rare work of its kind that remains intact in the worshipping space at the  My Son Sanctuary/.