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Musical instruments indisensable for Xoe dance

Musical instruments indisensable for Xoe dance

Music is a fundamental element in creating an ecstatic, joyous and festive atmosphere for the performance of Xòe dances. The harmonious combination of drums, gongs, khen, and other instruments has captivated many visitors.

For the Thai ethnic minority group in Nghia Lo town, Yen Bai province, Khen be (a raft-shaped khen) is not only an instrument connecting love and the soul in folk songs and dances and a cultural and spiritual symbol, but also an indispensable instrument in all types of Xòe dances.

Drums are indispensable in Xoe dances. In the middle of mountains and forests, the drums echo as an invitation to all to join the festival.

Another musical instrument that contributes to making the night more vibrant is gong. Gongs are usually made from round brass shaped like a hat, about 20 cm to 60 cm in diameter. People use wooden sticks wrapped in soft cloth or their hands to strike them and make a sound.

For the Thai people, Xoe dances are an indispensable part of their cultural activities and spiritual lives. The dances symbolise beauty, containing the artistic values of dance, music, singing, costumes, cuisine, and, more importantly, the cultural behaviour of the Thai community.

Today, the art of Xoe dances has become a symbol of hospitality and a mark of ethnic minority culture, as an important cultural identity for the Thai people in northwestern Vietnam./.