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Music show marks 10 years of Vietnamese composer’s Swiss recognition

A music performance celebrating 10 years since Vietnamese composer Nguyen Van Quy was awarded the cultural heritage award Patrimoenia took place in Geneva, Switzerland, on October 11.

Ambassador Duong Chi Dung, head of Vietnam’s permanent mission in Geneva, and Vietnamese Ambassador to Switzerland Le Linh Lan attended the event.

In 2009, Quy received the award from Switzerland-based Patrimoine & Gestion SA fund at the Swiss embassy in Hanoi.

He has been known for having written nine sonatas for violin and piano and was referred to as “Vietnamese Beethoven”.

His Sonata No.5 and No.8 were performed by pianist Marie-Anouch Sarkissain and violist Ken Lila Ashanti, followed by performances of Vietnamese’s dan bau (monochord) artist Ta My Hanh and members of a Vietnamese community in Geneva.

Born in Hanoi in 1925, the composer was awarded the second prize of the Vietnam Musician Association for the Sonata No. 4 in 1995 and the Sonata No. 8 in 2005.