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MPI introduces state-of-the-art integrated operating centre

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) on May 22 launched a cutting-edge integrated operating centre that is capable of collecting, analysing and disseminating information in the shortest time possible with the highest accuracy.

Minister Nguyen Chi Dung said the centre was built to integrate existing databases of the ministry’s subsidiaries. It is expected to issue early and clear warnings, improve the country’s socio-economic landscape as well as enhance the MPI’s internal management.

The centre uses information and analytical technology to assist policymakers to make timely decisions and respond to a wide range of issues, including those that have been anticipated and emergencies, according to Nguyen Nhu Son, Director of the MPI’s IT Centre.

Information is integrated from six national information portals on business registration, foreign investment, public investment, procurement network, investment management and statistical databases.

The centre will continue bringing in other information systems and databases to track missions of the Government and Prime Minister, monitor public servants, manage dossiers and even hold teleconferences./.