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More than 55,000 safely get COVID-19 vaccine shots

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign have been rolled out in 19 cities and provinces nationwide since March 8, with 55,151 frontline workers the fight against the pandemic administered the AstraZeneca shots as of April 7.

According to the Ministry of Health, all vaccinated people are in safe condition.

Anticipated side effects were recorded in 33 percent of those receiving AstraZeneca shots, including redness at the injection site, fever, tiredness, nausea, and headache, but they were mostly mild and went away within one or two days without needing treatment.

Meanwhile, the ministry said only one per thousand of experienced severe allergic reaction, and their health was stable after receiving treatment at medical stations for one or two days.

The rate of post-injection reaction observed in Vietnam in the past month is equivalent to the warnings from the manufacturer. Particularly, the country documented no cases of unusual blood clots after inoculation.

Vietnam has upheld the principle of “Safety is first” in the vaccination drive.

Earlier, the ministry asked localities nationwide to promptly compile a list of individuals prioritised for COVID-19 vaccinations as guided by the Government.

The ten prioritised groups in the free vaccination programme include frontline medical staff, army and public security officers, diplomatic officials and their families who are about to be sent abroad, diplomats and members of UN bodies in Vietnam, teachers, aviation and transport staff, people suffering chronic diseases, people above 65 years of age, those living in pandemic-hit areas, poor people, and social policy beneficiaries.

In this next round of vaccinations, the eligible people will be expanded to include other priority groups like teachers and essential service workers.

COVAX Facility has pledged to give Vietnam an additional 4.17 million doses by the end of May, and the remaining of 30 million commitment towards the end of the year, pending operational and supply constraints.