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More greetings on Party’s 90th founding anniversary

Political parties and international organisations around the world have sent greetings to the Central Committee and leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) on its 90th founding anniversary (February 3).

They include the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Japanese Communist Party, the Workers’ Party of Brazil, the Communist Party of Belarus, the Communist Party of Bolivia, the United Left Movement of the Dominican Republic, the Mongolian People’s Party, the Communist Party of Peru, the Communist Party of Ukraine, the Communist Party of Uruguay, the Russian Communist Workers’ Party, the Communist Party of Germany, the Communist Party of Argentina, the Broad Front of Costa Rica, the Communist Party of Denmark, the Communist Party of Malta, the Communist Party of Mexico, the Communist Party of Turkey, the Communist Party of Sweden, and the International Conference of Asian Political Parties.

In their messages, the parties and their leaders highly valued the CPV’s role in the struggle for national independence and liberation in the past, as well as the building of a socialist country at present in Vietnam. They described Vietnam as a bright example and a source of inspiration for them to keep fighting for peace, cooperation and development of nations around the world, and expressed their wish to continue enhancing the friendship with the CPV.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Shii Kazuo said the CPV’s heroic struggle for independence and freedom held historic significance to the world. He also wished Vietnam’s reforms to be successful in all fields.

Chairman of the Mongolian People’s Party and Prime Minister of Mongolia Ukhnaa Khurelsukh stressed that over the past 90 years, under the clear-sighted leadership of late President Ho Chi Minh and leaders of the CPV, the Vietnamese people have weathered countless difficulties and challenges to continually obtain enormous achievements in the fight for national liberation and the national development.

Meanwhile, the Communist Party of Germany said the struggle for independence, self-reliance and peace of Vietnam was unprecedented in the 20th century and will be remembered forever. Today’s struggle for a modern Vietnam, where poverty and backwardness have been overcome, will be an example for the countries and peoples fighting for self-reliance and peace, it added.

The Communist Party of Sweden also recognised the great attainments that the Vietnamese people have harvested thanks to their tireless efforts under the CPV’s leadership, noting that the sacrifices by the Vietnamese people remain an aspiration for the Swedish party.

In his message, Secretary-General of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties Park Ro-byug described the CPV’s establishment as one of the most important events in Asia’s history. He also expressed his respect for the CPV’s role in the combat for national independence in the past and the national development at present in Vietnam.