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Mong ethnic minorities’ culture introduced in France

Forty nine objects featuring the Mong ethnic minority group are being displayed at the La Rochelle Natural History Museum of France’s Nouvelle Aquitaine region from January 31 till December 31, 2019.

Owned by the museum of the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai, the items include clothes, jewelries, seed varieties, fabrics and hunting tools, among others, with total insurance value amounting to 84.57 million VND  (3,660 USD).

The showcase is one of the activities within a framework agreement on cooperation between Lao Cai and the Nouvelle Aquitaine region during the 2017-2019 period, aiming to promote collaboration in promoting their cultural and tourism products.

Located in the heart of the city of La Rochelle for almost two centuries, the La Rochelle Natural History Museum preserves, presents and shares its naturalist and ethnographic knowledge of the region.

Renovated in 2007, the museum features a new and modern aspect today, enhanced by an interactive museum, offering visitors a journey into the region's natural and cultural heritage. With its new exhibition, the museum offers a new perspective on natural history, and the discovery, mediation and entertainment mechanisms to provide enriching visits.