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Minister emphasies resolve to absolutely ensure security, safety for elections

Minister of Public Security General To Lam has stressed the need to absolutely ensure security and safety for the upcoming elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils for the 2021-2026 tenure.

In his recent article, Lam said the elections are a political event that is of great significance to the country and each locality.

Therefore, absolutely safeguarding security and safety for the elections, consolidating a safe and healthy environment, and creating optimal conditions for the organisation of the event have remained a key task of the public security force from late 2020 to the end of the elections, he said.

The ministry on July 30, 2020 issued a directive which puts forth 11 groups of major tasks, along with a plan assigning tasks to specific units and local police during the elections. 

A sub-committee for security and safety has been established and led by a leader of the ministry, Lam said, adding that the sub-committee is in charge of instructing the security and safety work during the event. 

The public security force has kept a sharp lookout for internal political security, as well as information-communications, cyber and social security, and plots and activities of hostile forces and reactionary elements that aim to spoil the elections. 

Hundreds of reports have been presented to the Party, the State, the National Election Council and all-level election committees, offering consultations in the issuance of decisions and policies on national security and interests.

The force has also played a role in settling issues relating to the selection and nomination of candidates, and the election work, and in beating plots that aim to take advantages of the personnel process to violate national security and safety, and sabotage the Party and the State, helping to maintain political stability and creating a peaceful and favourable environment for the elections.

Police have coordinated with competent agencies in detecting, preventing and handling activities of spreading complex information and illegal campaigning, while joining efforts in addressing complaints and denunciations regarding the elections.

The ministry has also issued a thematic plan on the communication work in order to promote efforts in ensuring safety and security for the elections, and mobilise the public security force nationwide in popularising relevant guidelines and policies of the Party, the State, the National Election Council and all-level election committees.

The plan has been carried out through diverse forms, such as the launch of websites and the publication of articles on social media, among others.

Notably, hundreds of thousands of articles, photos, images, video clips and documentaries have been released to oppose distorting and false information about the elections.

In anticipation of the elections, the public security force has stepped up the crime combat to ease the risk of terrorism and sabotage, and the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Police in localities have also drawn up plans for transport and firefighting, and security and safety plans in case of the pandemic spreading among the community, according to Lam.

“It can be said that security and safety preparations have been made thoroughly, with the highest level, to stand ready to absolutely protect security and safety for the elections,” he affirmed.

At the end of the article, Lam called on the entire public security force to raise a sense of responsibility and closely coordinate with the army and other competent forces in implementing the set plans.

“Any situation must be counted ahead and any minor mistake must be avoided,” he stressed./