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Measures put in place to prevent coronavirus

A working group from the Health Ministry on January 21 inspected the readiness of the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi following the outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia that has made more than 200 people infected in China and caused two deaths there.

The medical staff examined screening for passengers exhibiting symptoms possibly connected with the novel virus at the airport, which serve 115-120 international flights each day, including up to 16 from China.

According to doctor Nguyen Hai Nam from the Hanoi Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), quarantine work at airport is the first effort made to prevent the disease.

Although there is no direct flight from Wuhan where the first cases of the acute pneumonia were found, screening has been enhanced for flights from China and countries reporting cases of the deadly virus.

“CDC staff will work all around the clock at the airport. Particularly, we have planned to increase human resources and equipment during Tet (Lunar New Year) as there is a high risk for the coronavirus to enter the country due to growing number of travellers”, he said.

Currently, there are four body temperature scanners at the airport, and two spare devices in case of necessity.

Deputy head of the Preventive Medicine Department Dang Quang Tan asked the CDC to carry out suitable measures in prevention of the virus, with due attention paid to international quarantine process as well as careful check of medicine and medical equipment.
No coronavirus cases have been reported in Vietnam so far, according to the Preventive Medicine Department.

Two Chinese people from China’s Wuhan city who were in Vietnam were tested negative for the virus. They were discharged from hospital and returned to their country, the department said.

The health ministry will continue to closely supervise the disease at border gates, hospitals and in the community to get ready for treatment and management.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), cases of acute pneumonia caused by coronavirus were reported in Wuhan city. The first patient developed symptoms on December 12 last year. As many as 45 people in the city were reported to be suffering from the disease by January 19.

The first death from the virus occurred in the city on January 9. Two other cases have been detected in Thailand and Japan with health authorities in both countries saying the patients had visited Wuhan prior to their hospitalisation.