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Mai Chau - Pearl of the Northwest

Mai Chau is a destination where visitors can admire nature’s majestic beauty, unique and wild ecosystems, and, especially, the hospitality of local ethnic minority people. During spring, plum blossoms bloom throughout local villages and are a sight to behold.

Mai Chau district in Hoa Binh province is only a 3-hour drive from Hanoi along National Highway No 6. After crossing Cun gradient and Quy Hau gradient to Thung Khe Pass, Mai Chau district appears before the eyes. This land is nothing short of majestic, with mysterious primeval forests featuring the sound of gurgling streams that soothe the mind. The district is also known for its many specialities, such as Noong Luông purple garlic, Pù Bin bitter cabbage, Pà Cò snow tea, and Thung Khe sticky corn.

Mai Chau currently boasts 12 relics and landscapes, of which 5 are recognised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

There are also many places in the district with great potential for tourism development, such as Sang Tạm Lake, Noong Luông, Hang Kia, Pà Cò, and primeval forests. Mai Chau is a treasure trove of rich culture and folklore, with festivals such as a rain praying festival and the Gàu Tào festival of the Mong people. Ten years ago, Mai Chau district made a mark on the tourist map, and recently developed community-based tourism in many villages.

The beautiful nature and unique cultural identity of Mai Chau district have long been listed on Vietnam’s tourist map, with the US’s Business Insider magazine writing it has an indigenous culture worth exploring and offers a variety of interesting experiences. The nature, culture, land, and people of Mai Chau leave an indelible impression on visitors, bringing a sense of lightness and relaxation to those visiting for the first time and a feeling of nostalgia to those returning once more./.