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Lunar New Year offers chance for cultural exchange in Moscow

A lunar New Year (Tet) festival has taken place at the Financial University (FU) in Moscow, gathering 200 students from Vietnam, China, Mongolia and Russia. 

Co-organised by the association of Vietnamese students at the university and their Asian peers, the event was decorated with traditional Tet items of Vietnam such as peach blossom and parallel sentences (a pair of sentences written in Chinese characters with black ink on red paper).

While Russian was the main language at the event, the students took the occasion to introduce basic phrases in Vietnamese, Chinese and Mongolian languages to participants.

Vietnamese students brought to the show a presentation on Tet (Lunar New Year) traditions, such as the farewell ceremony for the Land Genie and the Kitchen Gods, five-fruit tray, first-footing, and lucky money.

They also treated international friends to Vietnamese signature dishes on Tet like Banh Chung (square glutinous rice cake), Mut (sweetened dried fruits), O Mai (salted or sugared dry fruits), and Keo Lac (peanut candy).

Musical performances from different cultures shined at the event, which was rounded off with people singing Happy New Year by ABBA in harmony.

The Lunar New Year celebration is an annual event of the FU. The educational facility houses approximately 1,500 foreign students from 60 countries, including over 170 from Vietnam.