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Lao newspaper praises Communist Party of Vietnam’s leadership role

Pasaxon (The People), the official newspaper of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, ran an article on February 3 on the occasion of the 93rd founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).

The article wrote every time when spring comes, in the jubilant atmosphere of the Lunar New Year, the Vietnamese people joyfully welcome the founding day of the CPV. Over the past 93 springs, the CPV has led its people to fight foreign invaders, gain independence and reunify the country, as well as in nation-building and development, contributing to bringing a prosperous and happy life to the people.

Under the leadership of the Party, Vietnam has developed from a poor and backward country, and a colonized country to a developing country with middle income; and its role, position and reputation are increasingly enhanced in the international arena.

The article cited CPV General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong as saying that over the past more than 90 years, the Party has established, consolidated and increasingly improved its leadership role, strength and reputation with its own bravery, energy, wisdom and pioneering theories; in the right direction; by tireless efforts of the contingent of officials and party members; by an organization of solidarity and; and with the wholehearted support and protection by the people.

In fact, since the founding of the Party, Vietnamese people have had a right and clearheaded leader, and therefore they have won various victories and made miracles in the twentieth century, General Secretary Trong said./.