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“Lanterns light up dreams” for children during Mid-Autumn Festival

A Mid-Autumn Festival under the theme "Lanterns light up dreams" was held at the Hanoi Children's Palace on September 20 evening.

The special programme aimed to create a playground for local children during the COVID-19 epidemic as many localities have been locked down and children have had to stay at home to protect themselves.

The event is broadcast on Facebook pages of many organisations and agencies. Participating in the event were celebrities and kid idols.

The event enabled children to enjoy cultural performances bearing the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival such as dragon dance, Mid-Autumn medley, lantern procession and more. In addition, children also had the opportunity to participate in a fun mini-game hosted by Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac and to receive many valuable gifts.

Also on this occasion, many organisations and youth volunteers have presented practical gifts children in the locality./.