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Korean artists to join UNICEF’s anti-bullying campaign in Vietnam

Choi Si-won, a member of the boy’s group Super Junior of the Republic of Korea, will join UNICEF’s #StopBullying campaign in Vietnam, which looks to raise awareness of young people on bullying and to engage them on how to develop solutions to end this problem.

It will be Choi’s third visit to Vietnam and this time he will be accompanied by actor Park Jae-min.

As part of the campaign, the artists will join school children in the central city of Da Nang on October 2 to discuss issues related to violence against children, including bullying.

They will also attend a music concert performed by school children in an effort to promote the positive role of learning music at school.

At the UNICEF Youth Talk, the artists will listen to Da Nang students talk about how bullying is affecting them and what form of support they need from their peers, caregivers, teachers, school personnel, and the community to feel safe.

The event is also to inspire young people across Vietnam to speak up about bullying and to find solutions together.

The same day, the “For every child” music concert will bring together 50 children performing on stage, including children with disabilities, to highlight how music provides opportunities for children to find their talent and to grow their ability to express themselves in different ways.

UNICEF Representative to Vietnam Rana Flowers said with the kick-off of the #StopBullying campaign, UNICEF seeks to hold schools accountable for creating a zero tolerance to violence approach, as well as encourage all children to stand together, to spread kindness not abuse, to take actions that promote support and caring in their schools.