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Korean artists present traditional lacquer art at exhibition

Sparkling lacquer paintings showing the traditional art of the Republic of Korea are on display in Hanoi.

The exhibition "Ottchil Contemporary Art" features the work of 15 contemporary Korean artists.

Ottchil is the art of creating lacquer paintings with natural materials including paint and mother-of-pearl.

The themes are varied including still life, landscape and abstract.

The exhibition is being co-organised by the Vietnam National Institute of Arts and Culture Studies (VICAS) and Ottchil Tongyeong Museum of the RoK.

“This exhibition aims to provide an art exchange between Korea and Vietnam,” said Bui Quang Thang, Director of the institute.

“The artists are displaying 47 ottchil works which are based on the materials, techniques, production and craftsmanship of traditional Korean mother-of-pearl inlaid lacquerware.”

“The exhibition provides a more profound understanding of Ottchil, the lacquer art of Korea, and insights on the approaches and methods that generations of artists in Korea have preserved and promoted.”

Kim Sung-soo, director of the museum, said both Vietnam and Korea produced lacquer art using mainly natural material, not chemicals.

“Our lacquer art is completely natural and not harmful to people’s health,” said Kim.

“It’s a good chance for artists from the two countries to exchange in art, techniques and materials,” he said.

The exhibition will run until June 23.