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Kids explore traditional Mid-Autumn festival

In today’s busting life, Mid-Autumn Festival has all that one needs, but traditional features are going to fall into oblivion.

Hence, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology has organised several activities to help children learn more about traditional games and fruit trays in the festival. 

Making traditional lanterns with artisans is an interesting experience for Ngo Minh Phuong today. Not only being taught to make folk toys, kids like Phuong also have a chance to learn about traditional Mid-Autumn festival.

This is the traditional fruit tray toy of the festival, and it was created by skilled artisan Pham Nguyet Anh, the only artisan still in the powder-made fruit trade in Hanoi.

During the occasion, she will visit many places to introduce and teach kids how to make this traditional toy.

Joining the kids are parents who also love to participate in folk games.

In modern society, when folk games and toys are facing threat of falling into oblivion, it’s necessary to create an environment for young generation to know more about the beauty of  country’s traditional cultural values.