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Khanh Hoa issues master plan for Nha Trang Bay restoration

The People's Committee of Khanh Hoa south-central province has just issued a master plan to preserve and restore coral reefs in Nha Trang Bay.

Local authorities have set out specific tasks and solutions, including raising awareness and changing the behaviours of individuals, communities and businesses.

They will strengthen control over aquaculture activities in Nha Trang Bay; patrol and strictly protect Hon Mun conservation area, and promptly detect and handle violations of the environmental law in the Nha Trang Bay area.

In order to restore corals in Hon Mun and Nha Trang Bay, the provincial authorities will conduct environmental cleaning.

The province will survey the function of the marine protected areas of Nha Trang Bay, and support the restoration and conservation of sea turtles in the protected area and adjacent waters.

It also will create sustainable livelihoods for the community associated with coral reef conservation in Hon Mun area and Nha Trang Bay by improving the capacity of management, protection and rational exploitation of coral reef ecosystems for the community and social organisations in Nha Trang Bay./.