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Japan to lift entry restrictions for Vietnamese travelers

The Japanese Government has recently stated that it will reopen its borders to citizens of 10 countries and territories, including Australia, New Zealand, and Vietnam, starting from October 1.

Japanese media quoted Government sources, saying the decision has been made following these countries and territories effectively bringing the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic under control, or at the very least having a low number of new cases.

Japan is in the process of conducting negotiations with 16 countries and regions including China, Vietnam, and Taiwan (China) in an effort to resume business travel.

Kyodo newswire reported that businesspeople have already been permitted to travel to some Asian countries, including Vietnam and Thailand, providing that they meet certain conditions, including providing negative COVID-19 test results.

Vietnam resumed its commercial flight route to Japan on September 19 following a prolonged suspension of traveling caused by the spread of COVID-19./.