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Israel Film Festival to take place in Hanoi

The Embassy of Israel in Vietnam will present the Israel Film Festival 2018 from June 1-4 with various films touching on a number of topics from daily life to monumental dramas, and from documentaries to kid’s films.

“Through the films, Vietnamese audiences will have a chance to contemplate the beautiful landscapes of Israel, as well as learn more about the culture, traditions and identities of the Israeli people,” said Ambassador Nadav Eshcar.

Opening on June 1, Wedding Doll tells the story of Hagit, a young woman with a mild mental deficiency who works in a toilet-paper factory. She lives with her mother Sarah, a divorcee who gave up her life for her daughter.

Followed by Abulele, which is about a boy living in Jerusalem. He befriends an ancient local monster called Abulele. By helping his new friend get back home, he reconnects with his parents.

A Quiet Heart features Naomi, a secular young woman, who seeks refuge from the pressure of her life in Tel Aviv as a concert pianist. Presenting Princess Shaw, a documentary on the collaborative relationship between New Orleans-based songwriter and YouTube star Samantha Montgomery, and composer and video artist Ophir Kutiel.

Hill Start will conclude the festival. It’s a drama of the Geva family, a bourgeois family from Jerusalem. When the mother of the family, Ora, goes into a coma after a car accident, the family members try to bring her back in every way possible.