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Israel & Vietnam Folk Harmony takes place in Hanoi

The Israel & Vietnam Folk Harmony programme was held in Hanoi on August 25.

The event, organised by the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam and the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, formed part of Israel’s annual cultural and art exchange programme in Vietnam.

Speaking at the event, Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam Nadav Eshcar underlined the importance of Israel-Vietnam diplomatic relations, adding that cultural exchange events and art performances have enhanced bilateral relations.

The programme featured performances of Israel’s folk dancing troupe Hora Shemesh and Vietnam’s bamboo ensemble Suc Song Moi (New Vitality).

Established 25 years ago, Hora Shemesh, a large dance troupe, is renowned for their colourful costumes and uplifting music. Through their art, they paint an interesting picture of Israeli culture and life.

The main themes in the troupe’s performances are family love, the characters of the Bible and humour.

Under the guidance of young conductor Dong Quang Vinh, the nation’s first all-bamboo ensemble Suc Song Moi performed a symphonically orchestrated repertoire with only bamboo instruments at the event.