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International press highlights operation to separate conjoined twins in Vietnam

The 12-hour operation to separate conjoined twins in Vietnam, with the participation of nearly 100 medics, has made headlines in foreign newspapers.

Articles published on, and said the twin girls, Truc Nhi and Dieu Nhi, are doing well following the delicate separation surgery.

They cited Professor Tran Dong A, 79, as saying that the chances of the children making a full recovery are very positive thanks to advanced surgical techniques and equipment.

Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital Truong Quang Dinh was quoted by and as saying that up to now, this can be considered a successful surgery and this is a first successful step.

"The recovery process will be difficult and more challenging for the hospital.

"We will focus and do everything to ensure this is a great success,” he said.

Over the next three months, the girls are waiting for other operations, including plastic. Now their health condition is satisfactory, reported.

Around 100 doctors and nurses at the HCM City Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospitals 1 and 2, Cho Ray Hospital and others in HCM City took part in the July 15 operation to separate the twins, who were joined at the pelvis.

The twins are 13 months old and weigh 15 kilogrammes, and were in good health at the time of surgery. Because their development indexes are the same as healthy children, doctors said the surgery was now safe to perform.

They will be monitored until they turn 18./.