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International Lion Dance Festival to feature 30 teams

The International Lion, Dragon and Unicorn Dance Festival will take place at Sun World Danang Wonders in the central city of Da Nang from August 30 to September 2, with the participation of 30 foreign and domestic teams.

Image pubnished on NDO

The participating teams are six from China, Taiwan (China), Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and 24 Vietnamese teams.

In addition to the familiar categories, the highlight of this year's event is the performance on water, which is the first time to be performed in Vietnam. Teams participating will perform on a large-scale water stage, with 21 iron piles with a height of 1.2-3m, on the west bank of the Han River on the campus of Sun World Danang Wonders.

Especially, the performance of two Chinese 11-year-old brothers, who won the first prize in the Mekong Cup 2017 in China, promises to be one of the most eye-catching performance.

A Gala night will be held on September 2, with the excellent performances of the contestants and along with a music party.