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Hung Yen moves to develop tourism linked with cultural preservation

In the recent past, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the northern province of Hung Yen has worked to promote traditional culture preservation in connection with tourism development.
Hung Yen is home to 1,802 relic sites. These include 260 of provincial importance, 175 national, three special national, along with two national intangible cultural heritages. Together, these are important factors for cultural tourism development.

The department said in a recent report that in the recent past, authorities issued a policy on assistance for personnel training and communications. The aim here is to raise the quality of human resources for tourism development and cultural preservation.

In particular, the department organises one or two refresher courses each year to update insiders on knowledge about tourism and cultural preservation and development. Those updated each year include staff at State agencies, relic sites, and travel firms.

A policy was also promulgated to support the combination of traditional cultural preservation with tourism development.

The department has proposed the provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee issue plans to carry out the Party and State’s policies and directions in this regard. Examples of these include a project exemplifying the value of cultural heritage and historical relic sites in connection with tourism development for 2021 - 2025, and a project on restoring provincial and national relic sites for 2016 - 2020.

It has also ordered subordinate units such as the Provincial Museum, the Culture and Cinematography Centre, and the Tourism Promotion Centre to step up communications and specialised activities, including collecting, studying, introducing, teaching, and recovering cultural heritages like “ca tru” and “trong quan” singing, and conducting heritage digitalisation.

Particularly, culture authorities have paid special attention to the teaching of folk arts to the community, the department noted. It has coordinated with district-level localities to open “ca tru” and “trong quan” classes for students, teachers, as well as those who love these traditional singing genres, while holding exchanges to popularise folk arts to residents.

Some plans have also been implemented to boost tourism development and relic preservation. These plans include the restoration of the ancient Pho Hien town’s values in connection with tourism development; a planning on transport development in Hung Yen for 2011 - 2020, with a vision to 2030; and another on the Chu Dong Tu cultural, tourism, and sport service zone, according to the department.

In January 2018, the provincial People’s Committee approved the general planning on local tourism development by 2025, with a vision to 2030, which detailed some main tourism zones in Hung Yen, including the Pho Hien national tourism zone, the Da Hoa - Da Trach provincial tourism zone, the Cay Da provincial tourism zone, and the Ecopark Van Giang provincial tourism zone.

In addition, many transport projects have also been put into use to connect Hung Yen province with localities, especially Hanoi capital and Hai Phong city. This move has created momentum for linking the Tam Chuc Ba Sao tourism complex in Ha Nam province with the Pho Hien tourism zone in Hung Yen, the Culture Department said.

Meanwhile, tourism promotion is also an important task which has been stepped up thanks to a tourism promotion plan for 2021 - 2025 approved by the provincial administration.

Under this plan, Hung Yen has allocated much of its budget on tourism advertising via video clips, publications, participation in travel expos, and application of high technology. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has also kept frequent coordination with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and relevant parties to hold conferences and workshops to introduce local attractions, including historical and cultural relic sites and traditional craft villages./.