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Horse racing entices traditional sports lovers

Thousands of visitors, both domestic and international, flock to the traditional horse racing festival in Go Thi Thung in Xuan An commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province.

Early in the morning, thousands of people flock to Xuan An commune to watch horse racing. This year’s festival attracts 32 horses of two districts in the locality. The horse riders taking part in the activities are local farmers. This interesting festival has drawn people from far and wide to the province.

The horse racing festival in Go Thi Thung has been a famous tourist attraction in Phu Yen province, with the local authorities aiming to turn it into an annual cultural tourism activity, alongside its historical site Go Thi Thung.

Phu Yen has invested in this festival to make it a “special treat” in the province’s Lunar New Year’s tour.