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Honda Vietnam to recall 27,640 cars with faulty pumps

Honda Vietnam has recently announced that it will recall 27,640 cars due to faulty pumps, beginning on May 5.

All made in 2019, the vehicles include 8,626 Honda CITY cars produced between January 2 and September 16; 3,630 Honda HR-V between January 14 and August 31; 1,140 Hondo CIVIC manufactured between February 20 and September 28, 10,687 Honda CR-V between January 3 and July 30, and 443 Honda ACCORD produced between July 3 and October 3.

The fault in pumps can causes engines to stall or fail to start, Honda Vietnam said.

No related accidents have been recorded so far but the manufacturer recommended its customers replace pumps for standard ones to ensure their interests and safety.

The replacement will be done free of charge./.