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Hoi An named among top 10 most picturesque car-free towns globally

Australian travel website Traveller has listed the ancient town of Hoi An in the central province of Quang Nam among the top 10 most picturesque destinations in the world which are free of cars and motorbikes.

“Vietnam's ubiquitous mopeds get short shrift in Hoi An's Ancient Town, so wanderers can amble the cobblestoned streets, window shopping for silk and tailoring services without being cleaned up by passing motorcyclists,” said the website.

Traveller noted that the 15th century port town is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage site which is greatly admired by guests for its French colonial architecture notable for its colourful lanterns and photo-worthy shop houses converted into coffee shops and bars.

Other destinations on the list included Rottnest Island of Western Australia, the Medina of Fez of Morocco, Venice of Italy, Masdar City of the United Arab Emirates, Dubrovnik Old Town of Croatia, Princes Islands of Turkey, and Fire Island of the United States./