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Hoi An lantern festival to be held in Germany

The ancient city of Hoi An in Quang Nam central province and Wernigerode, its twin town in Germany, will host the third ‘lantern festival’ in Wernigerode on August 27, 2023.

The event aims to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the friendship of the two cities (2013-2023) and promote ‘green’ growth cooperation.

Hoi An said the plan was fixed in an online meeting on October 20, agreeing that the ancient town’s lantern festival will cover lantern decorations in the streets of Wernigerode, art performances, lantern-making skills demonstration, calligraphy and other hand-made trades of Hoi An.

The two cities also plan to build a Hoi An Garden at the Miniaturen Park ‘Kleiner Harz’ in Wernigerode on the occasion of the lantern festival, while an eco-road or ‘green shadow’ street will be developing in Hoi An from next year.

Cultural exchange events have been organised in both cities as part of annual co-operation programmes.

In 2019, Hoi An artisans also joined the ‘lantern night’ festival in the old streets of Wernigerode, while the German Beer festival was held in Hoi An.

Wernigerode helped developed a solar-powered system for public lighting, loudspeakers and lanterns in Hoi An in 2018, before sending a donation of 23,600 euros (23,000 USD) to support flood and storm victims in Hoi An.
Since 2013, Hoi An, a UNESCO-recognised World Heritage city in Quang Nam province, and Wernigerode have boosted close cooperation in technology, education and sustainable tourism.

Tourism promotion images of Wernigerode, the colourful city, are decorated at ticket counters in Hoi An town./.