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Hill of pigs without any pigs lures visitors

Vung Tau city in Ba Ria Vung Tau province is renowned for its beautiful coastline and alluring venues for people who want “check-in” photos. Among those, Hill of Pigs is a must-go destination when arriving at the beach city. What make the venue so popular is its strange name and a paradox that there are actually no pigs living on the hill.

Hill of Pigs is an ideal venue for watching the sunrise and sunset as you can see Vung Tau city as a whole and its beautiful coastline. Visitors, especially youngsters, love visiting the venue for the amazing view.

Located right behind Bai Sau (or Back Beach), the Hill of Pigs is considered a natural lighthouse of Vung Tau city. The path leading to the peak is rough but as soon as people set a foot on the top of the hill, the stunning panorama view wipes out any tiredness.

There are many rumours surrounding the name “Hill of Pigs”. Among those, the most popular above all is that local people in the past used to breed pigs on the hill.

Local authorities have been calling for investment to turn the venue into an alluring tourist destination in the beach city.

With its huge potential, the Hill of Pigs is a promising boost for Vung Tau’s tourism development.