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Heavy rains flood Da Nang

The long heavy rain last night flooded Da Nang streets, causing traffic jams this morning. 
Many streets, including Nguyen Van Linh, Le Duan and Ham Nghi, were submerged in water with cars and motorbikes getting stuck on the streets. In some low areas, houses were 0.5-07 meter under water. 
The municipal administration warned that heavy rains will continue in the coming hours, posing risks for landslides in mountain areas and floods in lower areas.
It urged sectors and local administrations to ready plans to control floods and landslides and constantly update local residents on the situation of rains and floods and submerged areas.
The municipal authority asked concerned agencies to operate pump stations to prevent floods in the inner city, ban traffic in seriously flooded areas, and ensure safety for the city’s electric system and residential areas.-VNP