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Heavy penalties imposed on people hiring child labour

People employing under-16-year-old workers can receive an administrative fine or up to 12 years’ imprisonment depending on the level of violations.

It is regulated under the amended Penal Code, which came into effect at the beginning of this year.

Specifically, people employing under-16-year-old workers to do hard and dangerous work or to come in contact with poisonous substances listed by the State will be fined 30-200 million VND (1,300-8,800 USD) and sentenced to six months to three years’ imprisonment.

If the violations are repeated twice or more, causing fatality or harming at least 61 percent of the victims’ health, they will receive 3-7 years’ imprisonment.

If more than two fatalities occur, those hiring under-age workers can be fined 10-50 million VND (440-2,200 USD) and sentenced to 5-12 years’ imprisonment.