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Health centre of Truong Sa township - source of support for Vietnamese at sea

Equipped with modern equipment and skilled medical workers, the health centre of Truong Sa township in the island district of Truong Sa, central Khanh Hoa province, has become a source of support for local residents and military personnel as well as fishermen working at sea.

From a three-member medical team of the Defence Ministry’s Military Hospital 175, based in Ho Chi Minh City, the health centre now has 10 staff members and is capable of providing medical check-ups and long-term treatment.

The application of the telemedicine system has also helped greatly raise the rates of people getting examined and cured successfully.

Captain Phan Quang Thinh, head of the healthcare centre, said the telemedicine system has proved useful for selecting the best treatment regimens, helping medical workers save the lives of many fishermen and military personnel.

The centre has also received patients from other island communes for treatment, he noted.

It is now capable of giving first aid and treatment to patients with many acute diseases like heart attack, gastrointestinal bleeding, appendicitis, respiratory failure, blood poisoning, and stroke.

Over the last five years, health centres across Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago of Vietnam have provided examination and medicine for more than 56,000 patients and given emergency treatment to more than 400 cases.

The increasingly modern healthcare system on the country’s seas and islands is believed to be a source of support for military officers and soldiers to continue firmly safeguarding the Fatherland’s sky and sea areas, and for fishermen to keep working at sea, thus sustaining the connectivity between the mainland and maritime areas of Vietnam./.