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Heading to Truong Sa to hear pagoda bells

Heading to Truong Sa to hear pagoda bells

A delegation of more than 200 people visited soldiers and residents on the Spratly Islands from June 23 to July 5. The Navy and the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha also held an inauguration ceremony for a project restoring three pagodas on Sinh Ton Dong, Truong Sa Dong, and Da Tay A Islands.

Unlike on the mainland, the name of the pagodas in Truong Sa is also the name of the islands where they are located. A pagoda is not simply a place to express religious beliefs but has also become the embodiment of the spiritual values of the Vietnamese people.

Truong Sa island district has had 9 pagodas restored and improved since 2007, three of which have just recently been restored, including those on Sinh Ton DongTruong Sa Dongand Da Tay A Islands.

The pagodas on the Truong Sa archipelago have contributed to affirming the sovereignty of the Fatherland. Wherever you are in Vietnam, on the mainland or on islands, it warms the heart to hear a sacred pagoda bell./.