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HCM City, UNICEF seek stronger partnership in childcare, children’s protection

Vice Chairman of the HCM City People’s Committee Duong Anh Duc hosted a reception for UNICEF Representative in Vietnam Rana Flowers on May 5 to discuss the future cooperation between the two sides.

Duc thanked UNICEF for its assistance to supporting projects for children in the city from 2017 - 2021, saying the city always cares for and provides the best conditions for vulnerable people, including children and women.

HCM City and UNICEF will continue implementing what has been agreed, including the co-organisation of a conference to discuss strategies for bilateral partnership in childcare and children’s protection, he affirmed.

The city's departments will continue coordinating with UNICEF to study, develop and implement projects supported by the latter, the leader added.

He further said that the city wants UNICEF’s companion in childcare, children’s protection and development while urging both sides to strengthen exchanges and seek ways to remove difficulties, reduce burdens from public administrative procedures and ensure the good cause of the projects.

Flowers, for her part, said certain problems have surfaced in the way UNICEF and HCM City have cooperated so UNICEF hopes the two sides can find solutions to them to ensure the effectiveness of the projects. 

She also proposed high-level discussions to be held among HCM City and UNICEF’s leaders and stakeholders for the development and implementation of the city’s strategic agendas on childcare and children’s protection.

She noted that UNICEF will step up cooperation with HCM City in multiple areas, such as child labour, protection of children with disabilities, and improving children’s skills regarding emotional management, climate change action and others./.