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Hanoi’s tourism affected by nCoV epidemic during Tet

The novel coronavirus (nCoV) outbreak caused certain negative impact on Hanoi’s tourism during the seven-day Lunar New Year holiday (Tet), according to the municipal Department of Tourism.

The authority said from January 23 to January 29 (the 29th day of the 12th lunar month to the 5th day of the Lunar New Year), the capital city welcomed nearly 404,000 visitors, rising 4.3 percent from the same period last year. That includes more than 109,000 foreigners, down 3.3 percent, and nearly 295,000 domestic tourists, up 7.5 percent.

Revenue from tourists during the holiday is estimated at 947 billion VND (40.69 million USD), up 5.8 percent.

Foreign travellers to Hanoi came from over 140 countries and territories, mostly the key markets like the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, the US, the UK, France, Germany, Taiwan (China), Australia, and Japan.

However, the number of visitors from China, where the nCoV epidemic is raging, declined by 20 percent, the department said.

Some travel companies said under the epidemic’s impact, about 20 percent of the foreign tourists who booked tours of Hanoi have cancelled their trips, while some others are following the disease situation to make decisions. Several tourists shelved their plans even until the end of April./