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Hanoi to ban motorbikes during rush hour

Hanoi plans to ban motorbikes during rush hour on Nguyen Trai road in Thanh Xuan district.

The ban will be piloted on a 2km section which runs from Nguyen Trai-Beltway 2 intersection to Nguyen Trai-Lang intersection.

A similar ban will also be imposed on Xuan Thuy street in Cau Giay district when the elevated metro starts operation after 2020.

The ban is proposed under a plan on zoning off the circulation of motorbikes toward banning motorbikes in the city’s inner districts by 2030.

The city is also considering prohibiting motorbikes on Giai Phong, Nguyen Van Cu, Le Van Luong, Tran Duy Hung and Nguyen Chi Thanh roads on a trial basis.

Vu Van Vien, director of Hanoi Transport Department, said the city will not immediately ban motorbikes but is building a roadmap for the ban toward stopping the operation of motorbikes in inner districts by 2030.

According to this roadmap, from 2021 to 2025, six streets near Hoan Kiem lake will be subject to motorbike ban on Friday nights and during weekends. The streets are Hang Dau, Tran Nhat Duat, Tran Quang Khai, Tran Hung Dao, Le Duan and Phung Hung.

High density of residential buildings, which causes overloaded infrastructure, and sharp rises in personal vehicles are among the reasons to blame.

Traffic congestion costs Hanoi 1-1.2 billion US dollars each year. Traffic jam also causes waste of more than one million hours per year and worsens air pollution in the city.