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Hanoi tightens supervision for timely detection of COVID-19 cases

The Disease Control Centre of Hanoi capital city on February 18 issued a document requiring healthcare centres in the city’s districts to intensify their supervision in order to timely detect any cases of novel coronavirus-caused acute respiratory disease (COVID-19).

According to statistics of the city’s Health Department, there were 74 suspected cases of COVID-19 as of 18:00 on February 18. However, all those 74 patients have by now tested negative for coronavirus. 

In addition, a total of 409 persons are under quarantine in the city, with 55 staying at the Hanoi Police Hospital.

Deputy Director of the municipal Health Department Hoang Duc Hanh hailed the quarantine work at districts for suspected cases. He affirmed the city has prepared sufficient equipment and personnel to conduct quick tests for COVID-19.

The official highlighted the high risk of epidemic in the city, which is a major international transport hub with connections with many countries, including China and those with confirmed COVID-19 cases. Besides, the city borders Vinh Phuc province which is home to a majority of COVID-19 cases in the country (11 out of 16 confirmed cases so far).

Therefore, the city needs to keep up with drastic epidemic preventive measures, Hanh said.

So far, Vietnam has confirmed 16 cases of COVID-19 and not recorded any new patients since February 13. Among them, 11 have been discharged from hospital.

The Hanoi Tourism Department has reported an increase in the number of tourists visiting local destinations as compared to the beginning of February.

It said the flow of visitors to tourist sites in the city has reached 50 – 70 percent of that in normal time before the outbreak of COVID-19. The recovery is attributable to drastic epidemic preventive measures taken by the Government and the municipal authorities as well as the management of tourist destinations.