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Hanoi students honoured at Asian International Children’s Film Festival

A film titled "The To-do list" by students from Viet Duc High School in Hanoi has won the Outstanding Film Award at the 13th Asian International Children’s Film Festival in Japan.

The movie tells a story about a companionship between two friends named Dang and Hai. Hai was unfortunately suffering from a fatal illness and would only survive for a short time, and so he listed the places he wants to go on a piece of paper ("To-do List"). Dang accidentally saw this paper and encouraged his friend. Every day he came to push a wheelchair to bring Hai to those places. Hai's mother thought that Dang was not good and bothered his son, so she banned Dang from seeing Hai. When Hai died, Hai's mother accidentally found a picture of her son lying under the pillow, thanking Dang. Hai's mother regretted realising that she misunderstood Dang, having interrupted her son's last aspirations in the middle.

The 13th Asian International Children’s Film Festival is themed “How do you feel about causing others trouble. Is it okay if only you are good? Can you think about other people?” It took place in Minamiawaji city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.

This year’s event drew the participation of students from 15 Asian countries and territories, and 10 Japanese prefectures and cities. In total, 69 pieces of outstanding works were chosen to be honoured from 400 entries.

The organising board presented 13 awards of the categories, including one special prize, four excellence prizes and eight consolation prizes.

The film festival aims to encourage children to pay greater attention to the societies in which they live in. It is hoped that through film, children will have the chance to express their thoughts and desires in daily life./.