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Hanoi speeds up construction of symbolic flagpole in Ca Mau Cape

The Hanoi People’s Committee is speeding up the building of the symbolic capital flagpole in Ca Mau Cape, the southern tip of Vietnam.

The authorities expect to complete the construction ahead of the 44th anniversary of the southern liberation and national unification next year (April 30, 1975 - 2019).

The flagpole is estimated to cost more than 138 billion VND (5.91 million USD), funded by the capital city of Hanoi and other sources. It mimics the design of the old Hanoi flagpole and is resistant to storms and saltwater intrusion. The multifunctional facility features spaces for exhibition of historical items and for festive performances.

To date, the project has seen several sections completed and a number of new sections added to the overall construction.

The Ca Mau People’s Committee has asked the main investor to build a 230m road connecting the flagpole with the Ca Mau Cape tourist area and another linking the T1 road and the canoe port. The total cost of the two roads is estimated at over 13.7 billion VND (587,092 USD).

The flagpole has a great meaning as it affirms sovereignty and reflects close ties between the capital city and the southernmost province of Ca Mau.