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Hanoi ready to ensure security for DPRK-USA summit

Hanoi police on February 25 advanced to ensure absolute security for the upcoming second DPRK-USA Hanoi Summit. 

Traffic police are deployed to ensure safety for the summit. Photo: Doan Tan / VNA

An amored car is deployed for the summit's security. Photo: Doan Tan / VNA

Modern vehicles of Hanoi police. Photo: Doan Tan / VNA

Ready for duty. Photo: Doan Tan / VNA

Security staff in front of Metropole Hotel. Photo: Thanh Dat / VNA

A traffic police directs traffic on a street close to the summit area. Photo: Duong Giang / VNA

Mobile police officers patrol the areas where the US and North Korean delegations stay.
Photo: Duong Giang / VNA

Speaking at the event, Major General Doan Duy Khuong, Director of the Hanoi Police said: “The second DPRK-USA Summit which will take place in Hanoi is a political and diplomatic event of top significance in Vietnam this year”.

He stressed that the summit sets a heavy task for the Vietnam People's Police and Hanoi Police, which is to ensure absolute security for the country and safety for the summit.