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Hanoi outlines scenarios for goods supply amid COVID-19 outbreak

Hanoi’s Department of Industry and Trade has mapped out four scenarios to ensure the sufficient supply of goods for people in quarantine zones amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Accordingly, in the first scenario, which covers one isolation area in a district with the number of residents in concentrated quarantine totalling 200 to 2,350 for 14 days, the trade of goods will remain as normal.

In the second scenario, in which there are many quarantine areas in one district, with the number of people in the quarantine area of between 1,000 and 12,750 for 14 days. Shopping activities will also remain as normal.

The third scenario occurs when there are more than 20 infected cases and quarantine areas in many districts. The number of people quarantined will total between 2,000 and 127,500.

Goods must be constantly regulated throughout the day in the city’s distribution systems.

The fourth scenario is more than 1,000 people infected with the virus and all 30 districts hosting quarantined areas.

The number of residents in quarantine is between 30,000 and 382,500 for 14 days. Some enterprises' production and business activities might have to temporarily cease.

In this case, demand for goods will increase sharply over a number of days, while storage in the city might be exhausted.

The city will need to mobilise goods from neighbouring provinces and cities.

The department has directed suppliers and manufacturers to ensure goods for distribution systems and the needs of residents.

Supermarkets such as Big C, Hapro, Intimex, Seika Mart and many others have increased the number of reserve goods by 300-500 percent for essential supplies.