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Hanoi - Land of hundreds of occupations

Hanoi - Land of hundreds of occupations

An exhibition is taking place at the Hanoi Museum to honour and promote craft villages and guild streets in Hanoi in the context of industrialisation and modernisation. It is expected to contribute to preserving the cultural heritage of Vietnam’s capital.

The “Hanoi - Land of Hundreds of Occupations” exhibition displays handicrafts and introduces the history of craft villages such as Bat Trang, in pottery, Quat Dong in embroidery, Van Phuc in silk, Phu Vinh in bamboo and rattan, and Dinh Cong in jewellery.

Special items at the exhibition include a painting by artist Hoang Thi Khuong, the only artisan in the Quat Dong embroidery village, and sophisticated pieces from the Dinh Cong jewellery craft village, where only two households are still engaged in the occupation.

Items on display are distinguished by their sophistication in production and the skill of the artisans.

In addition to displays of different items, there will also be performances and exchanges with artisans from villages every weekend.

Hanoi boasted 1,350 craft villages in 2019, more than 300 of which are recognised as traditional craft villages.

The “Hanoi - Land of Hundreds of Occupations” exhibition is expected to promote typical craft villages in the capital among the public.

It is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday every week./.