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Hanoi in world’s 20 top foodie walking tours

Foodies to the capital city of Hanoi could not miss banh da ca (soup made with tea-coloured noodles which comes from northern Hai Phong city) and banh cuon (steamed rolled pancakes), The Guardian suggested.

In the list of 20 best food tours around the world, the British daily newspaper wrote: “If you love Vietnam, you will love its food forever, too”.

Australian expat Mark Lowerson has loved it for 17 years and, along with partner Vang Cong Tu, navigates plastics-stool eating around town as Hanoi Street Food Tours, the article said.

The colour and texture in Vietnamese cuisine reflect the talks of Chinese, French, and have the US influence.

Enjoying coffee in a tiny café where the floor is littered with pumpkin seed shells is a must try, while soft and chewy black fermented sticky rice with frozen yoghurt is a wonderful dessert.

Other Asian destinations in the list are Shanghai with crispy oily fried youtiao doughnuts, classic jianbingcrispy, Bangkok with young coconut ice-cream, Tokyo with fried octopus ball, and Vientiane with aromatic khao lam (sticky rice, coconut milk and taro stuffed in bamboo).