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Hanoi in peak season for dengue fever

Over 67,000 cases of dengue fever and three deaths were reported in the first five months of this year across the country, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health.

The capital city of Hanoi has recorded 502 cases, but no deaths.

Hoang Duc Hanh, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Health Department, said it was the peak season for the disease in Hanoi and northern provinces due to the hot weather and heavy rain that create favourable conditions for mosquitoes to spread dengue fever.

Bac Tu Liem, Dong Da, Thanh Tri and Hoang Mai districts of Hanoi have reported a heightened risk of the disease recently. Bac Tu Liem district has recorded 72 cases of dengue fever.

In April, the city recorded about 10 cases of dengue fever per week, but this figure increased in May and the beginning of June, with about 70-80 cases per week.

According to Nguyen Khac Hien, Director of the municipal Health Department, environmental pollution, high population density, an increasing number of construction sites and poor sanitation at temporary housing for labourers were also contributing factors.

Hien said each family needed to learn about disease prevention and ensure a clean environment to limit the spread of mosquitoes.