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Hanoi has 33 self-nominated candidates for upcoming elections

 Hanoi has 33 self-nominated candidates in the upcoming elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and the 16th municipal People’s Council, a conference heard on March 15.

At the conference, the Hanoi election committee transferred to the municipal Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) the lists of 72 candidates to run for seats in the 15th NA, and 188 candidates for the 16th municipal People’s Council election, meeting the set schedule.

Thirty of the 72 candidates in the National Assembly election are self-nominated, as are three of the 188 candidates seeking to become a member of the municipal People’s Council.

The city will hold its second consultation conference on March 17 and 18 to compile preliminary lists of candidates nominated for the election of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and to the 16th municipal People’s Council for the 2021-2026 tenure.

According to Hau A Lenh, Vice President and General Secretary of the VFF Central Committee, nominated and self-nominated candidates have equal rights. All Vietnamese citizens who meet the necessary conditions have the right to self-nominate./