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Hanoi food festival to whet visitors’ appetite

Diners to the second Hanoi Food Culture Festival, slated for June 7-9 at Thong Nhat Park, will be treated to traditional dishes of not only  Hanoi but also other localities in the north, central and southern regions, according to organisers.  

During the event, artisans will conduct cooking demonstrations and share their experience with festival-goers.

Apart from tasting dishes, to be displayed at about 70 booths, visitors will engage in an array of folk games and art activities.

The capital city is expected to turn the Hanoi Food Culture Festival into a cultural event in an effort to honour local food, thus contributing to promoting the city’s tourism.

Hanoi has been known for such dishes as pho (noodles served with beef or chicken in a bowl of hot broth), bun cha (noodles with grilled meat), banh cuon Thanh Tri (Thanh Tri steamed rice pancakes), com Me Tri and Phu Do (Me Tri and Phu Do young sticky rice), and gio cha Uoc Le (Uoc Le steamed pork paste), among others.

Last year’s event served close to 70,000 visitors during its 4-day course at Thong Nhat Park from October 11 to 14.