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Hanoi builds plans for mass vaccination

Localities in Hanoi have been directed to build plans for upcoming large-scale vaccination campaigns so that they can take place on schedule in a safe and effective manner.

The direction is part of a notice regarding local COVID-19 prevention and control issued recently by the municipal Party Committee.

According to the document, it is necessary to boost communications campaigns on the municipal pandemic prevention strategy – comprising the 5K message, vaccines, and technology, with a focus on the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines to increase local engagement in the vaccination drive.

Meanwhile, the municipal steering board for COVID-19 prevention and control has ordered the management boards of local industrial parks (IPs), the municipal Health Department and relevant sectors to work together with authorities of districts and towns in contact tracing, conducting early testing for people suspecting of contracting the virus, and ensuring safe production at IPs, among others.

Monitoring work at concentrated quarantine facilities, areas under lockdown will be tightened and hospitals treating COVID-19 patients are urged to stay at the highest alert to prevent cross-infection./.