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Hand embroidered pictures charm art lovers

In Vietnam, hand embroidery is a long-standing traditional craft and a unique cultural characteristic of the country. Through colorful threads and skilled hands, artisans have created vivid embroidered pictures, helping preserve a traditional trade which is gradually fading into oblivion.

Located on Ton Duc Thang street in downtown Hanoi, the Theu Viet (Viet Embroidery) has brought art enthusiasts, especially those who love traditional hand embroidery, a unique space rich in Vietnamese cultural characteristic.

Embroidery has been considered as a “painting” art, requiring a high level of meticulousness, subtlety and patience during the process of making a hand embroidery art product.

Nguyen Thi Thanh, embroidery artisan: "I have embroidered for seven years. I have a great passion in making embroidered pictures. The work requires subtlety and patience. To produce beautiful embroidered pictures, craftsmen have to put their hearts and feelings in every step."

"As a young embroidery artisan, I hope I can contribute to preserving and promoting the trade for the next generation," she added.

To create hand embroidered pictures, perfect teamwork is needed. Firstly, the painter will sketch out his ideas, after several steps including choosing materials and ways to embroider like single or double sided picture, the sketch will be delivered to craftsmen.

The completion time of a product depends on sizes, quality and design. Sometimes, it takes up to a few years to finish.

Tran Gia Huy, Director of Theu Viet Company: "We hope to bring the Vietnam’s traditional hand embroidery art to more art lovers both home and abroad, helping to preserve the trade as it’s very beautiful. It holds the country’s spirit as it comes from the villages, very peaceful and profound."

Ta Thi Men, customer from Hanoi: "Hand embroidered pictures are beautiful and rich in culture, meticulous and subtly. The picture makes my house look luxurious."

Traditional hand embroidered pictures have become a unique gift. Artisans have always hoped to bring this cultural art to introduce to more people both home and abroad while helping to conserve and promote the art. - Vietnam Plus/VNP