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Ha Giang peaks in top 20 dream destinations

A booking spurt on Hostelworld places mountainous province Ha Giang in northern Vietnam among the 20 hottest travel destinations next year.

With 2019 on the out, holidaymakers around the world have been drawing up travel plans for the new year.

Bordering China, Ha Giang came in 13th, described as "often overlooked by backpackers as it’s far away from the usual hotspots."

Situated around 300 kilometers from Hanoi, Ha Giang has become an increasingly attractive destination not just for its spectacular scenery, but also its narrow, twisting roads and mountain passes that kindle the adventurous spirit among many visitors.

Bike enthusiasts have to negotiate Ma Pi Leng, considered one of the four most dangerous passes in Vietnam, a mean feat for even the most seasoned travelers, Hostelworld stated.

Ha Giang was one of the 10 most sought-after destinations among Vietnamese Googlers in 2019, according to Google's year-end trend report./