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Green jobs needed in various industries: ManpowerGroup

Green jobs needed in various industries: ManpowerGroup Vietnam is heading toward green growth with various industries involved, generating great demand for green jobs and green skills in the labour market, according to the recruitment, staffing and outsourcing company ManpowerGroup Vietnam.

Since 2022, ManpowerGroup Vietnam has helped employers find talent for hundreds of green jobs in both full-time and staffing positions.

So far, the highest demand for green jobs is from the manufacturing (48%), energy (34%), agriculture (11%), and technology (4%) sectors, among others.

Andree Mangels, General Manager at ManpowerGroup Vietnam, said, “from our recruitment and staffing experience, we see that more and more companies have placed significance on ‘green’ practices in their operation, especially in talent acquisition. We have been actively partnering with both local and multinational corporations nationwide in promoting green job opportunities.”

In recent years, Vietnam has established strong cooperation on green growth with many countries, including Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Denmark, and the Netherlands, and with international organisations.

The approved National Strategy for Green Growth for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision toward 2050, created more favourable conditions for businesses nationwide to achieve sustainable development.

As countries go green, job opportunities emerge. The average job in the US, UK and Australia, for example, uses roughly two to three times more green skills than the average job globally, according to the LinkedIn Global Green Skills Report.

APAC countries are also actively involved in green growth and green recruitment. Nevertheless, despite the great need for green talent and green skills in various industries, the current supply is falling short of demand, according to ManpowerGroup Vietnam’s recruitment data./.